Cominfo is an executive search firm that specializes in locating and placing outstanding business leaders in an environment where their vision, track record and strategic grasp will provide a competitive edge and lead to development of teams geared to function in rapidly changing economic conditions.

The firm has developed a flexible approach to problem solving and is able to provide customized solutions for each individual case. In a field where each client and each candidate are unique, with differing perceptions and needs, varying areas of strength and experience, and diverse approaches to a particular situation, the firm’s analytical methods yield strong solutions to any questions that are asked.

The very best of business leaders tend to be highly individualistic. It is fitting these individualists into situations where they can deliver full value that is the endeavour of the people-centric executive search firm, and Cominfo has proved a pathbreaking innovator in this challenging domain.

The interaction between the candidate and the firm is always a continuous process with us. We believe that it is part of our responsibility to make sure that each and every one of our candidates is given the chance for self development. The end result is versatility and adaptability, two of the most valuable assets for a leader to possess in a competitive milieu.





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